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Okay, guys today, i’m going to be reviewing a particular traffic. Software called wormhole wealth, and this is the sales page and, as you can see, there’s a lot of bogus promises here like here, you see reservoir of targeted niche buyer traffic, plugging your links into it. This takes a matter of seconds and technically does not require any clicks. Okay, so they are promising that if we get this software and we plug our links into it in a matter of seconds, we are going to start getting traffic and if you take your time to listen to the sales video you’re gon na hear him say things Like if you are not at least getting 200 clicks a day and those clicks turning into a hundred to two hundred dollars per day on autopilot, we’ve got ta talk. You got the funnel builder, you got your autoresponder, but you don’t have traffic.

You know how the gurus create traffic soft, so he started by saying: if you don’t have 200 clicks to your website every single day and getting sales, then you definitely need to talk with him or pay attention to this software and stuff like that. Okay, but i’m not gon na, go through all what is here on the sales page. What i want to talk about is my experience with one whole. Well, this is my membership area and i got the one whole wealth and also getting unlimited okay, so um for the traffic promise you go to done for you traffic and on the basic version you get um to submit only three links. So here i got the unlimited version and submitted as many links as i could, and that was um about four days ago and option now no traffic.

This is what he promised he promised. This takes a matter of seconds, and this is three days now and no traffic all right. So i got um kind of pretty much disappointed with this software. All the promises made and the system is simply not working, so i applied for a refund guess what it took three days for someone to reply. My support ticket three phase.

I mean what kind of support is that and when she did um, let me show you okay, so guys i got that um this software on the 28th of april, but after waiting like three hours, i already knew this software was worked, so i quickly applied for A refund okay so gave them all my details and it took them three days may first someone to reply and when she did, she said should be working now and yet the system is still not working. What kind of reply is this? It’S very unprofessional, and i don’t know i just don’t know what to say so, i’m still taking it up with them, and i want to see where these are and i have replied this and i’m still waiting waiting. I haven’t gotten any feedback from anyone. I don’t know what kind of software this is before you consider buying this software just know that you’re doing so at your own risk and i’m really taking up the refund, because here they offer a bugles 365 day money back guarantee.

Well, let’s see how it goes. I’Ve asked for my money back and um, i’m not giving up. I’M gon na get my money back. I don’t know you you. If you search a review on one whole wealth, you’re gon na see tons of people telling you.

That is a great software and i don’t know if they got different results than i did um. Some of these reviews are just there to butter you up to buy um the software from their link so that they get their own commissions. But i’m here to share my own um, my own personal experience and just to show you that i actually didn’t get any traffic. I’M going to uh lead you to the statistic of some of the affiliates product links that i submitted to the one whole well done for you, traffic um, and that’s one of the things about this um. A traffic software is supposed to have a dashboard where you can view the number of visitors that you get, but this software doesn’t have anything like that, so it just leaves you to get, but what you can do is to go back to the affiliate products dashboard That you’re promoting and check if you received any significant traffic and if it’s a website link, you can use a google analytics um to check if you actually received any significance link and in the case of the um affiliate products.

One of the affiliate networks i joined is notre profits. I’M going to show you my nutri profits account so guys this is um the affiliate dashboard and, as you can see, there are no clicks. Okay, everything is just as zero, just as it was before i plugged in the link at one pole. Well, you can see um. These are this mp link mp link.

These are nutri profit products about one, two, three, four, five, five of them and no traffic. Five of them no traffic, so we just to show you and let me head over to my website, also um, so guys. This is my analytics account and, as you can see, i got the software on april. 28. 29.

I have four page views, which was probably me here. I have three page views, which was also probably me, and here i have eight page field, which was also probably me, nothing significant at all, so guys. This is just to show you that, indeed, i didn’t get any traffic from one whole wealth. That’S my opinion, that’s my experience with them, so that is it guys kindly subscribe to this channel. If you want to know more about different means, you can use to get website traffic.

Alright. So thank you very much for watching and don’t forget to watch the next video

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  1. Hi
    At least one honest review
    I have the same problem, purchased it on the 27 of April, 5 days before I got an answer, told me they have tech problems, but the software should work now !! It still isn’t working and Jamie or someone emailed me yesterday and ask if I want an upgrade since T&C said there is no refund on the basic program !! I told them no if this software is not working I doubt the others will work!! No re[ly as yet !!
    Very bad !!

    • No refund on the basic program? That’s crazy! Just open a PayPal dispute and you’ll get your money back. That’s what I did. I don’t understand why they spend so much money to market a product that doesn’t even work!

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