7 Viral Platforms to Promote Your Blog Content

Have you been looking for the best viral platforms to promote your blog content?  Do you have concerns about which platforms are good to promote your blog content and which ones are not? Are you tired of promoting your blog content in places that are not giving you desired results?

Don’t worry! In this video, we will show you 7 viral platforms you can use to promote your blog content. 

Number 1 – LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has a monthly visit of 1.4 billion, and yet, a lot of people still underate it. You shouldn’t.

LinkedIn groups can be a great place to share your posts if your blog content is business related. Find relevant groups, ask to join them, and once you’re approved, do not hesitate to share your content there. You are not only going to get massive traffic from this social media channel, but, you will be surprised by the quality of your blog visits from LinkedIn. In Addition, you can also re-purpose your blog content and post as LinkedIn Articles.

Number 2 – Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is one of the best places to share images and infographics. With a monthly visit of 1.4 billion active users looking for content to consume, you can’t ignore Pinterest. 

Also, Pinterest Users love to share other peoples content so if you are active and create enough pins, your pins could go viral. Create an infographic or image showing the topic of your blog posts and pin it to the multiple boards related to your blog topic. Try to collaborate with other Pinterest users with the same interests and pin your content on group boards too.

Number 3 – Imgur

Imgur is a social site with about 250 million monthly visitors where people gather to share funny pics and memes. If your blog content has a great and original visual part (images or gifs), do not hesitate to share your blog images or gifs on Imgur and add your post link at the end of your shared post. You can also share your Imgur posts to the subreddits on Reddit that are related to Imgur. Just find a way to represent your blog content with a meme or funny image or gifs.

Number 4 – Tumblr

Tumblr is like a mini blog where you can create a mini version of your blog content or an excerpt and then leave a link to full article back to your blog. Always make sure you add relevant tags to attract the most targeted visitors. Also join other Tumblr users with similar interests and collaborate with them.

Number 5 – Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is another great place to republish your blog posts to the huge number of people with similar interests. If your content is related to marketing, blogging, social media, design, SEO, and similar, this place is a must! Submit a link, add a short description and up to three tags, and once your post is approved anyone will be able to read it or share it. You can also add your Social Media profiles in your bio on this website.

Number 6 – FaceBook Groups

FaceBook is a massive social platform that is still capable of making a post go viral. And one of the places that you can get the most traffic is on FaceBook groups. Do your research first. Try to find the groups that are most relevant to your blog topic. Forget about groups that have words such as “blog”, “bloggers”, “blogging” and similar in their name. One thing about this type of Facebook groups is that more than 90% of members of those groups are there to promote their content, not to read yours. Don’t waste your time by sharing your content there.

Before you start promoting your blog content in Facebook Groups, try to engage with the group members first. See how they interact with each other and try to participate in group discussions. After you gain some credibility in a group by answering the questions, start sharing your content.

Number 7 – YouTube

YouTube is still a very hot traffic source right now with over 30 billion monthly visitors. You can use software like Video Creator to easily repurpose your blog content into videos without filming or even saying a word. Check out the link to the Video Creator Software in the description below and begin to enjoy massive traffic from youtube. 

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