Traffic Ape Review – Is It Good For Your Website?

Okay guys, so i just discovered this new traffic platform called um traffic ape and um. I decided to check it out and then do a review about it, for you guys all right so um this is traffic a dot com website. So the website looks pretty clean and they offer two products. One is a traffic generator and the other one is an ad network all right, so i just pretty signed up with them and tested out this platform. So here is my dashboard.

So what traffic app does is pretty much like a community based traffic and um. If you want to start getting traffic from this network, once you’re signed in click on end traffic now and once you do that, what is going to do is that it’s going to start showing you ads from other members. Okay, all right! Let’S click on this! So here is a pop-up and you can see um people’s websites are popping up on my screen and what i don’t like about this traffic source is that if you notice the ads kind of change every three to five seconds or so, which is um pretty much A very bad retention rate: okay, because what is going to mean is that if you submit your website to traffic ape your your website is going to show up the same way.

These ones are showing up, and it’s going to just show up for five seconds. Okay, that’s going to reflect um a high bounce rates on your google analytics; okay and if it’s a youtube, video, it’s going to show a very low retention rate, because your ads going to play for what like five seconds, it doesn’t make sense all right. So i’m gon na close this now and you can see. I tried out the service a few days back and yes, i got about 30 30 views on my two on two links. I submitted two links, a website and a youtube video and, of course, the retention was very poor.

Okay, on my youtube video, i don’t recommend using this on your youtube videos having five. Second, views consistently on your videos is not going to do any good for your youtube channel. Okay, because it’s pretty much sending a very bad signal to youtube and the same goes for websites visitors, the bounce rate is pretty much high and honestly, except these people are going to fix the view rates um. I don’t think that you should go for this traffic source all right, but is quite an easy way to start getting traffic to your website. As you can see, once you click on end traffic um, the ad starts popping up in a matter of seconds and on your free plan.

You have a limit of 25 to 30 visitors. Okay, so, except you upgrade um. Also, they have this setup automation tool where they allow you to install their chrome extension, set it at the background, and you never have to watch any ad or stuff like that, but i think it comes with a page option. I think it costs about 0.08 a day for that to happen.

Okay, so when you pay 0.00 sorry, when you pay 8 cents per day, you’ll be able to use their chrome extension and then increase your daily traffic from 25 to 100. And then you can also increase the url limits from 5 to 15. You’Re never going to watch any annoying pop-up and i don’t know i’ve not tried this. Maybe i’ll do another review when i try this feature just to check out if the retention is higher than what i saw on the free plan and then they have another product here.

The ad network and uh network allows you to create image or banner ads, and then it costs about one dollar for 1000 views. Okay, it costs about one dollar for every 1000 views which is pretty cheap. Also, i haven’t tried the ad network. Probably the rate of retention will be higher than what i got with your free plan. Okay, so guys this is it.

This is traffic ape and when i try out their other products, i’m gon na do another video, an updated, video, okay and then i’m gon na post it. So if you have not subscribed to this channel, can we do so and i’ll be doing. Reviews like these or various traffic platforms and i’ll be sharing them on this channel.

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