5 Tips to Optimize LinkedIn Profile for More Sales Leads

As founder of a digital agency, I believe that small business owners are innovators who seek out tools to build trust and generate leads. There are many social media platforms that support digital marketing and networking. But one platform is unique. And that is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the No. 1 platform for B2B lead generation and is popular for B2B marketing. The same research also shows that 4/5 LinkedIn members are decision-makers. This makes LinkedIn a powerful tool to help anyone who wants to scale their business and increase sales.

The first step in creating your LinkedIn profile is to attract quality leads and create a profitable, outbound lead channel. Let’s take a look at the five areas that you can improve to maximize your success.

1.  Use a high-quality headshot

A quality headshot will make a strong first impression. A profile picture is 14x more likely that it will be viewed by other LinkedIn users. A bad quality headshot can give off the impression that you have something to hide, that you don’t value your business relationships, or that you don’t care about them. These are some tips to help you create a winning profile picture.

  • Use high-resolution images.
  • Fill at least 60% of the frame with your facial features
  • Use an expression that is consistent with your brand.
  • Wear the same clothing that you would wear to work.
  • Use natural light and a neutral background.

A good headshot will help you present yourself as trustworthy and professional.

2. Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords make your profile searchable and open up more possibilities for people to get in touch with you. Your digital profile will be viewed as approachable and knowledgeable if you use the right keywords.

The best places to include relevant information about your industry and job are your Summary, Headline, and Experience sections. To increase your visibility and reach leads, mention industry-specific terminology and expertise-related terminology.

You can search on LinkedIn or online for keywords that are relevant to your role if you have trouble choosing the right keywords.

3. Show Value and Contact Info Immediately

A clear value proposition is a strong way to introduce yourself.

Highlighting your expertise and relevant skills in your Summary will make a lasting impression. Keep your profile updated with recent training or courses, as well as any achievements, as your roles change and you take on new tasks.

To make it easier for leads to reach you, include your contact information such as your email and phone number on your profile. Get people excited about your work and then remove any barriers that might prevent them from working with you.

4. Participate in the LinkedIn Community

Candidates with a track record of creating value within the digital ecosystem for professional development are being sought by companies. LinkedIn’s research shows that people are 7 times more likely than to engage with video content than regular text and 24 times more likely to comment on a LinkedIn Live. To build your community presence, try the following:

  • LinkedIn Live – Share your latest research and unique insights.
  • Network with clients and colleagues to grow your network.
  • Respond to and actively comment on relevant content in your industry.
  • Comment on industry leaders you admire and follow them.
  • Consistently make a commitment to create your own content (daily/weekly/monthly).

5. Please fill out the Experience Section with great detail

LinkedIn’s Experience section is one area that is often overlooked. Your experience is crucial in building a reputation online. It will support your value and prove your claims about success.

Include key information about past projects. This can make the difference between someone contacting you or leaving. You should include facts about how you have succeeded in your job (e.g., how your client base grew from X to Z in Y time).

LinkedIn is an active, dynamic record of your career. It’s constantly evolving with you and highlighting the value that you bring to your network.

You can show your value to your professional network by creating a compelling profile. To thrive in the digital-first age, LinkedIn’s lead-generation and networking features can be used.

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