8 Ways To Increase Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is still an important part of modern marketing strategies, despite the fact that many experts are skeptical about its effectiveness. It is used by 97% of businesses to communicate with customers.

Email marketing can bring many benefits to businesses. However, it is difficult to increase the open rate. Your conversion rate can be significantly increased if you have high open and click-through rates. If you have a low open rate, the following strategies can help.

Re-Evaluate Your Emails

Every email sent by a company will not have the same effect. You should reevaluate which emails you are sending to your customers. Emails with promotional content, newsletters, and birthday rewards, to emails that include welcome emails. HubSpot statistics show that 78% of customers opt-out of marketing emails due to too many messages. You should send the following four emails:

Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails to remind your visitors of the items in their shopping cart

Order confirmation email — To reassure clients, to thank them for their purchases, and to offer additional incentives

Shipping confirmation email — To notify the buyer that their goods are in transit.

Customer feedback email — To request that a buyer completes a survey or review for a product they purchased. 

These are transactional emails which can help increase retention rates and receive more open rates.

Personalize Your Emails.

Your customers prefer to read emails that are tailored for them, and not the entire list. Personalize your emails by including the name of your clients in the subject line or offering a discount to their local store. Personalization can increase open rates by 14%, and convert 10% more.


Emails that are poorly written will ruin your email marketing efforts. Your messages will be less appealing. Prospective customers love emails that address their problems, offer tips and tricks, have relevant promotions, money-saving offers, or other interesting information. These examples will help you get started.


Your marketing emails will be more visible if you include social media marketing elements. Your business can be shared by readers via Twitter or Facebook. This opens up more engagement opportunities. You can also include a social media sharing button in your email.


Although everyone will read the subject, not everyone will open the email. These are some techniques to increase your open rates:

* Have a sense for humor

* Ask a question

* Display time or quantity of scarcity

* Use emojis — Unsurprisingly, emojis can increase open rates. 56% of companies report higher open rates after using emojis than those who didn’t.

Optimize Emails to Mobile

Do not worry about desktop readers. Instead, focus on mobile users. Your emails won’t open on mobile devices if they aren’t compatible. At least half of all email opens are due to smartphones. Many emails that aren’t opened correctly are deleted in less than 3 seconds.


Your email’s opening lines are critical. To grab people’s attention immediately, ensure that your email’s purpose is stated in the first 25 words. The first few lines are what most people read before they decide if the email is worth reading. These few seconds are worth it.


It is easy to send fake emails such as spoofing or phishing. Email providers such as Gmail use systems that verify senders to protect their customers. To increase your open rates, make an effort to authenticate all emails. This simple method lets subscribers know that your messages are genuine.


Email marketing can be difficult to understand and produce good results. However, it is possible to increase your open rates. Make sure that your marketing emails stand out from the rest.

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