How To Sell On Instagram Without A Website

Instagram’s unique aesthetic makes it the ideal platform to showcase products. You might be wondering if you will need a website if you are thinking of starting an online business using Instagram.

This post will explain how you can sell on Instagram with no website, when and why it is necessary, how much you should sell on Instagram, and some tips for promoting your products.

Is it possible to sell on Instagram without a website?

A website can help you automate a lot when it comes to selling on Instagram. Instagram does not have ecommerce built-in, so merchants will need to create a website to process orders and accept payments.

This feature is possible thanks to the Instagram Checkout recently launched. It is currently only available for limited brands (as per Spring 2020). We can see that Instagram has released Instagram Checkout before and will continue to roll it out in select countries.

Here are some options for selling on Instagram without a website.

Direct Messages Selling
You can sell via Direct Messages if you aren’t ready to invest in a website. Your feed will be your product catalogue, where your followers can shop and browse. To close the sale, ask them to contact you by Direct Messages. You can either accept cash payments (not recommended during the pandemic), or you can provide your PayPal email address. Once you have received payment, update your customers on the status of each order.

Although selling on Instagram DM requires a lot more work than a website, it can still be a great way to start your business. If you are selling Instagram products as a side hustle, and only sell a handful of items each month, then it may be worth arranging each deal separately.

Tip: Use a Business profile to better manage your Direct Messages .

Selling in comments
You can sell on Instagram using CommentSold. This automates selling through Instagram comments. It works as follows: A customer leaves a comment on one your posts. This triggers the app and creates an order in the system. The customer is then directed to the checkout, where they can pay using a credit card or PayPal.

The Paisley Heart uses CommentSold, and includes the following instructions in their bio:

The Paisley Heart

The app automatically sends comments to customers with instructions.

The app automatically sends customers comments with instructions

This is a great tool for Instagram businesses that don’t have a website. However, CommendSold’s checkout process is not intuitive as customers must navigate away from the post in order to complete their purchase.

Use hashtags to sell
Inselly is an app that allows you to sell products on Instagram. To sell, sellers need to create an Inselly account and add product information. They will then need to create an account with Inselly and add product information to their bios and posts. This will indicate that their products are available for purchase on the marketplace.

Selling via hashtags

Users must make several clicks to complete their purchase, similar to comments selling.

Shopping tags for selling
Shopping tags are an Instagram native feature that provides more information about a product to shoppers by clicking on a small tag on the Instagram post.

Selling with shopping tags

Post from Instagram Shoppable

This is the best option for both you and your customers.

Instagram has all the product information you need
A single post can be tagged with up to five products
Products that have been tagged are also displayed under the Shop tab of your profile
You can easily distinguish shoppable posts from the feed because they are marked with a special icon
Stories allows you to tag products!
Customers can view your products’ details once they have been tagged and then tap the link to go to your storefront product page.

Only those with an e-commerce site can shoppable postsThis integrates with Instagram. Although you can still sell on Instagram, it is best to have a website if you want to increase your Instagram business’ growth. A website offers many advantages over your smaller competitors. These include access to certain resources and other benefits.Best Instagram tools for businesses.

You need an easy, fast and affordable online presence to connect Shoppable Posts. Ecwid’s Instant Website is a great option! This powerful and easy-to-use one-page website builder allows merchants of all technical abilities to create and connect to an online shop and to Instagram. You can find out more.

Selling with shopping tags

Selling with shopping tags

Ecwid Instant Website

It takes just a few clicks to connect your store to Instagram if you use Ecwid E-commerce. This will be done directly from your online store control panel.

Connect your online store to Instagram directly in your online store control panel

Ecwid Control Panel – Selling Instagram

How to enable Instagram Shoppable Posts –

What is the cost to sell on Instagram?
Answers to this question can vary depending on many factors. A shopping page on Instagram can cost anywhere from zero to a million dollars. You don’t have to pay anything to use the platform.You can sell on Instagram free of cost. You’ll be able to find many ways to spend your budget if you have one.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved in selling on Instagram

Free creation of an Instagram Business Page
Content creation — free if DIY-ed up to infinity (hiring photographers, designers, copywriters, videographers, models, renting studios, etc.).
Customer service — starting at free if you do it yourself, to around $50/h (source Upwork).
The feature of connecting shoppable posts is free, but it requires an ecommerce website.
Advertising — Prices start at $1 and go up to infinity , depending on the type and budget
Partnering with Influencers — Free to Million
Giveaways and contests — free or infinity, depending on the prize.
Instagram Checkout is a way to make a purchase via Instagram with stored payment information. It involves transaction costs. However, not all merchants have access to this feature.

How many followers do you need to sell Instagram?
Although this is not necessarily news, there’s no minimum number of followers required to sell on Instagram.

You will need the following items to get started:

A business profile
Contact info and bio details
A profile photo that is attractive and professional
Many quality posts
There are many relevant hashtags.
Did you tick everything on the list? Now it’s time to give your page a shoutout on you personal profile. Ask your friends to share the new Instagram store. You’re done! You are still free to post quality content, engage your followers in meaningful conversations, and educate them about how to use your products.

With as little as 1,000 followers, you can sell with success. Allow shoppable posts so customers can make purchases as soon as you gain enough trust with your store.

Only feature with a minimum follower countSwipe Up in Stories is it. You must have at least 10,000 followers or a verified profile to be able add links to Stories.

Here’s an example for a Swipe up from Ecwid’s Instagram profile (see more to go directly to our website).

Ecwid’s Instagram profile

This feature allows you to drive Instagram traffic directly towards your online store. However, if this is not the case, there are many other ways to promote you Instagram page.

How do you market a product on Instagram?
Selling on Instagram is different from selling on an online e-commerce site. This is the paradox: If you want your Instagram page sell, you must carefully craft your sales pitches.

Online shoppers are already intent to purchase when they land on an ecommerce website. Instagram users don’t go to Instagram for shopping. They use it to connect with friends and celebrities, have fun, and entertain themselves.

To be successful in this environment, you must fit in and feel at home. Here are some tips to sell on Instagram.

Visual appeal is key
You need to make your product appealing on Instagram. It’s unlikely that your product photos will make an impact if you post them on a plain white background with sales copy.

Ecwid’s Instagram profile

This post has emotional and visual appeal. It is an example of how Instagram can be used to sell without being too salesy

Looking for help in taking Instagram-friendly pictures? Take a look at our collection of beautiful Instagram feeds to get some inspiration and then try to recreate your favorite.

Be helpful
Combine beautiful images with valuable information to create stunning visuals. Tutorials are the most viewed type of video content on Instagram. This format is best used in short clips. Make sure your first two seconds are eye-catching so users don’t scroll past your content.

Take a look at this Tasty example. The videos are short, concise, and visually appealing, making traditional cooking shows more accessible to Instagram.

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