How To Find Best Keyword For YouTube Videos

All right guys so in this video i’m going to be showing you how to find the best keyword for youtube videos, and today i’m going to be showing you the tool that i use to do my keyword, research and that helps me find the best keyword for Youtube videos and this tool is called tubebuddy, follow the link in the description, and it will take you directly to this page. This process is free. Next click on install free now button to download the tubebuddy chrome extension. This action is going to open up the chrome web store, click on add to chrome, to download the tubebuddy chrome extension. Now the download should begin and when it’s completed head over to studio. and once you do that, you’re gon na see the tubebuddy icon right there. All right so, once you click on the icon, follow the prompt to sign in to your account and once you click on sign in with youtube, it will take you to a signing page with google. Make sure you choose the google account. You opened your youtube channel with, and that is going to bring up the youtube channels that you have under that account choose the youtube channel.

You want to connect to your tubebuddy account and click on allow this way you’ll be signed in with tubebuddy on your youtube channel now to use tubebuddy to find the best keyword for your youtube videos, click on the tubebuddy icon under your youtube studio; click on launch Keyword explorer and then type in the topic that you want to find the best keyword for, in this instance, i’m going to use productivity, hacks and then click on explore. Once you do that, you’re going to see this statistic, the overall score rated as poor, it gave me 10 over 100, which means that this is a bad keyword for you to target and the score analysis is based on the search volume, the competition and the optimization Strength, so the analysis is self-explanatory. Um the red part represents badge, whereas the green color represents that it’s good enough. So, in this instance for productivity hacks, we have a fair search volume, poor competition, which means there is quite a lot of competition for this keyword and the optimization strength is very good, which means not um. The videos that are ranking for this keyword are not really well optimized, but for the fact that the competition is too high um.

This keyword has an overall course score of 10 over 100 to find a better keyword to target for your youtube video check out the related searches section in this case, because we are using the completely free version of tubebuddy. We have only three options available for us to get the unlimited, um related searches. You will have to upgrade to the pro version and the profession is about nine dollars per month, even though they offer a discount for channels that have less than 500 subscribers. They offer a 50 discount, which means you can get it at 4.5 if your channel is less than 500 subscribers now, for the sake of this video um, we can still make do with these three searches we have here uh.

We want to check out um the these are the three keywords that are available to us and see if we, if any of them, has a good score, so i’m going to click on productivity, hacks and tips, and just by clicking on it, it’s going to get Loaded to the search bar – and here we can see that productivity hack centers has an overall score of 69 over 100, which means is a good keyword for us to target. As far as the topic productivity hacks is concerned – and you can do this for virtually any topic – you want at all – this tool to body is specifically for finding keywords that people use to search for topics on youtube so guys there you have it. This is how you find the best keyword for your youtube videos, um. I use this tool tubebuddy for all my youtube channels and has helped a great deal in another video i’ll, be doing an in-depth tutorial on how to use tubebuddy to optimize your youtube videos before publishing them. So let me know if you like that in the comment section of this video and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel.

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