6 Proven Methods to Get More Leads From Your Email List

A well-designed email newsletter is a crucial part of your inbound marketing strategy. Your business can be positioned as a thought leader in your industry if your newsletter is timely and informs readers about your latest products, services, or content. What if your email newsletter fails to convert your subscribers into leads?

Here are 6 proven methods that will turn your email list to a lead-generation tool.

#1 – Write an Eye-Catching Subject Line

Your newsletter’s subject line is the most important part of any email marketing campaign. The subject line alone is responsible for 35% of email recipients opening emails.

These tips will help you improve the effectiveness and usability of your newsletter subject line

  • Mobile optimization: Optimize your subject line using any available tool. And make sure to see a preview of how your subject line will appear on mobile devices.
  • Varietate your subject line: Instead of using the same subject line each time, you can change your subject line for every newsletter.
  • Use emojis: Emojis can help increase your open rate. Brands account for 56% Open rates for those who used an emoji as a subject line showed improvement.

#2 – Choose a Sender name your contacts can relate to

An email you don’t recognize the sender is unlikely to be opened by you. So make sure you are using the same name you used in your marketing materials.

You can use your company’s name as your send name if your company is what you used in marketing. Although, It’s better to be more personal and include the name of a person who is a representative of your company.

#3 –  Make sure your newsletter template design looks good

There are many things you should consider when creating your newsletter template. No matter what marketing tool you use to send your emails, there are some things you need to pay attention to when creating your newsletter template.

  • Make sure your template is 600px wide.
  • A mobile-friendly template is recommended. A single-column template is best for email messages that will be sent to mobile users.
  • Your template should be easy to edit. This will allow you to easily modify your newsletter template and optimize future emails based upon data and reader feedback.

#4 – Make sure you use a CTA design that is effective

After you have created the newsletter content and settled on a template for it, it is time to create CTAs that convert your newsletter subscribers into customers, leads, and ambassadors for your brand. This is essential to get more leads for your business.

These are the steps you should take to get the most from your CTAs.

  • You can include the CTAs several times in the email. Three is a good number.
  • Your CTAs should be displayed in different formats. You can have both a CTA button and a CTA hyperlink in your newsletter, which will lead to the exact same offer.
  • Make sure your CTAs are in the right color. You don’t have to match the colors with your brand standards. To create an atmosphere of luxury or urgency, you can use colors other than black or red.

#5 – Verify that the email is scannable

It’s easy to get distracted by the number of notifications and emails we receive these days. It’s crucial to make your newsletter easy-to-read due to users’ limited attention spans.

You can also use images to help draw attention to the key parts of your email. You can also use bullet points and subheads to direct readers to any calls to actions (CTAs). A scannable and clean write-up will help your get more leads and sales because those who read it can easily get the message you are passing accross.

#6 – Test and Optimize

After your newsletter has been created, it’s important to test it internally. This will ensure that the email is responsive on mobile devices and readability. To test the newsletter on multiple devices, send the email to coworkers.

Once your newsletter is sent out to your subscribers, you need to keep in mind that your work isn’t done. You will need to improve the design and content to make your newsletter more lead-generating. This can be done based on data from previous newsletters.

You can make informed decisions to improve your newsletter’s effectiveness by analysing data like open rate, click through rate, conversion rate, and unsubscribes. This data should be analyzed regularly and any changes made based on the results.


It takes a lot of effort to create a newsletter that is a lead generator for your company. We hope that the above steps will allow you to quickly and effectively notify your readers about any new products, services or content. This will also help you turn your customers into customers.

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