Top 5 Tricks to Writing Irresistible Emails That Gets Opened

These days, it’s common to become overwhelmed by emails. Every day, we communicate via email with our colleagues, our readers, as well as our friends and families. Email is still the best way to communicate. However, if you have a lot of unread or starred emails, you will likely go on an email deletion spree to get rid of all the clutter. I know that I do.

You can beat the odds by creating quality content and engaging in exciting communication if you want to increase your readership. There are many ways to do it, but here are some tips for writing headlines and emails that people want to read.

Tip #1 – Be Useful.

The entire email must be helpful to the recipient. Don’t send an email if you don’t believe it will be useful to the recipient. It is easier to write compelling subject lines if you are certain your content will be useful.

You will likely be contacting the person multiple times. Although you may fool them once with a clever subject line, they will not be fooled again if the content isn’t great.

So be sure to make your content useful and well-written. You are looking for long-term engagement.

Tip #2 – Be Personal.

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Take a look at what’s in your inbox. Then, pay close attention to emails you want to read.

Take it seriously. Do it immediately.

I suspect that the emails were sent by friends, family, coworkers, or colleagues. So let’s now look at the common threads between these subject lines. First, these are some things that I observed from my inbox.

  • It’s short and straight to the point.
  • Use common, simple words (no buzzwords).
  • Capitalizing only the first letter of the word is allowed.
  • Very limited punctuation.

The emails I don’t like to read are the ones that use buzzwords and are too long. Thanks to Google, I have an example of what NOT to do as I write this article. It was so convenient.

Although you might think personalizing the subject line with recipients’ names is great, tests have shown that it doesn’t increase open rates. This is because personal emails don’t need that. What about adding your friend’s name to a personal email subject? It’s unlikely. It reads more like a marketing trick.

Tip #3 – Avoid spam filters.

If your subject line isn’t read, it doesn’t matter. However, it is important to avoid spam email subject lines that contain common words. Although I am certain that you aren’t referring to certain offers to withdraw millions from a bank account, it is possible for you to accidentally use words such as “free,” which can get you caught in spam filters.

A single word such as “free” will not land you in spam folders. However, it can add up and lead to your email being penalized if you use multiple words like this.

MailChimp tells us that words such as Help, Percent Off, and Reminder won’t land you in a Spam filter by themselves but will decrease open rates.

Tip #4 – Ask questions.

If I am asked a question that I already know the answer to, I will default reply. I want to help. Ruben Gamez from Bidsketch sent me an email asking, “Are your services priced enough?” I stopped scanning my inbox to find the answer. Yes, I believe I am, but could there be more? Now that is an email that will be opened.

Tip $5 – On numbers.

Many marketers recommend that you use numbers in your subject lines. For example, “6 tips to…” is a good example. This technique is often associated with sales and marketing copy. This format is often used to create useful emails for friends and coworkers. Most likely not.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. But be careful.

In conclusion.

The most important part of any email is the subject line and opening sentence, so give them both a lot of thought before you send it! 

Try to be as concise as possible with what your offer or request will entail while still being clear about what they’ll get out of it. Remember that people reading these emails are likely busy, so make sure every word counts in order to hold their attention until the end. Be personal, ask questions, and use numbers in your subject lines.

Using these tips, you will be able to write irresistible emails with higher open rates, as well as higher engagement. 

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