4 Proven Ways to Diversify Your Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most effective ways to grow your online company is through content marketing. All industries have brands that use blog posts and sales pages to convert visitors into subscribers and then customers.

There are many ways to share content, even though sales pages and blog posts remain popular. It’s now possible to reach your target audience on multiple platforms and channels. This idea is exciting for many marketers and business owners, but it can be overwhelming to diversify their content marketing strategy.

Sounds familiar? 

We’ll show you how to mix up the style and format of your content today. These tips will allow you to reach a larger audience which can lead to more traffic, engagement and sales opportunities.

Let’s get started.

#1 –   Use Content UpGrades

You can diversify your user base and increase your email list with content upgrades. Content upgrades are very similar to Lead Magnets. Website visitors can get both by simply entering their email address through a popup form or form.

Ebooks, infographics and ultimate guides are the most popular types of content upgrade. As a rule, your content upgrade should highlight customer goals and pain points and amplify your value proposition. Make sure that whichever content format you choose to use is engaging and unique and are a great way for visitors to stay connected to you brand via your email marketing strategy.

It is important to highlight the main difference between lead magnets and content upgrades when discussing lead magnets and content upgrades. Lead magnets are broad and will appeal to everyone who visits your site and is even remotely interested in the subject.

On the other hand content upgrades are tailored to specific audiences. An example of a lead magnet is an online pet shop that offers 15% off for new customers. An extended guide for caring for puppies would be considered content upgrading because it addresses a particular audience segment’s pain point.

If you create personal content, people will be more likely to subscribe if they are genuinely interested in your brand. This will make it easier to generate qualified leads for certain products and services.

#2  –  Host Value-Packed Webinars

Next, we’ll be talking about hosting  live videos, specifically webinars. Brands are loved by consumers for their interaction on social media and on the website. This is especially true if they offer valuable advice and content.

Live webinars can be a great way to meet your audience and generate new leads for your company. Live events are a great way to generate leads because you can share your event on multiple social media platforms. This strategy is becoming increasingly popular when you consider that more than 3.96 billion users use social media.

Our experience shows that webinars that address common customer problems are the most effective. It is possible to gather feedback from customers months ahead and make multiple videos that address common customer concerns.

Once you have decided on the topic for your video, you can now use social media and your website as a platform to promote your webinar. To give attendees more value, you can create an online course .

Webinars should be held 1-2 times per quarter. It is recommended that you spend at most two weeks promoting your video event via your website, social networks, and email.

#3 –  Use existing blog posts to update and repurpose

Did you know that 47% online shoppers read at least three blog posts before making a decision to buy a product from a company? This figure is indicative of the fact that blogs and the content within them are still key selling elements for your website, despite the availability of new types or breakout content.

You should update and repurpose existing content to increase conversions. According to research, 60% of marketers repurpose their content 2-3x .

There are many great ways to increase the value of your posts. You can easily update your old posts to increase traffic and engagement. There are likely to be a few posts on your blog that could do with a new coat of paint. To make your post more interesting , you can add new images or update statistics. Don’t forget about sharing each post on social media or by email after you have updated it.

You can also take popular blog posts and make them into powerful videos. People, particularly those who are short on time, prefer to watch videos over reading blog posts.

You should not repurpose your most popular posts. It could be lost on qualified leads. Compiling your posts is a good idea. You can also create in-depth videos to upload to your YouTube channel. After the videos are uploaded to YouTube, you can share the link to your original blog post as a description and embed the video on the website.

#4  –  Find guest posting opportunities

Let’s discuss why guest posting is a good idea. When you write an article and submit it to another publication, you are guest posting. This can seem counterproductive at first, but will pay off later.

Guest posting is a great way to diversify your content and increase your SEO ranking. 66% of all businesses do not have a backlink to their website. This is because marketing and business owners are focusing on their own websites and not publishing any content on other websites

Browse industry-specific publications or websites to find guest posting opportunities. You want to partner with someone who has the same audience, but with different needs. An example: A marketing company might publish guest posts on a website hosting because both products are often necessary for new business owners.

Soon, partners will be found that can help you drive more traffic to the website via your content. Remember that guest posts must be consistent with the theme of the publication. Before you make your first pitch, we recommend reviewing the guidelines for guest posts and looking at other posts on this site.

In Conclusion

Content marketing has evolved over the years. There are more ways than ever to reach customers which is a good thing. These steps in this post will show you how to increase your sales and engage customers through content marketing.

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