10X Your Traffic – Best Way To Promote Your Blog For Free

So you have a blog and have put in the effort in writing blog posts, but you are not getting enough people to view your blog and you want to know the best way to promote your blog.

If that sounds like you, then, keep watching this video because I will be showing you the foolproof way you can promote your blog for free. And even more, I have a special gift for you at the end of this video. 

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Okay. First of all, why would you need to promote your blog for free when there are paid alternatives? 

The most important reason is that as a beginner blogger, it is advised to first exploit all free options and when you have succeeded in getting steady visitors and making money with your blog, you can then go ahead to explore paid options.

Using paid promotion strategies is easier but if you don’t have any plan on ground to recover the money spent, you will be losing money on your blog.

So then, what is the best way to promote your blog for free?

First, I will like to say that there is no single best way – it is all cumulative effort that leads to successful blog promotion.

If there is ever a best way to promote a blog, it would be through organic traffic from search engines. 

But getting organic traffic from search engines is simply the result of many other promotional tactics. 

To get organic traffic, you already know that you need to know SEO – Both Onpage, OffPage and Technical SEO. 

While OnPage and Technical SEO can easily be done, it won’t really get your blog to rank Number 1. 

What will get you to number one is the OffPage SEO and majority of it boils down to backlinks. 

And how do you get backlinks? By Guest Posting on related blogs with decent amount of traffic and higher domain authority – at least DA of 30 and above is good.

Also, getting your links on social media will also give you backlinks. And this is where social media comes into play in blog promotion. 

Because not only will you get backlinks from social networks which usually have a high domain authority of over 70, but, you also get traffic from them. 

In fact, social networks are the easiest and fastest way to promote your blog content and start getting quick traffic. 

And your posts can even go viral and earn you more viewers and subscribers. 

So get busy on social networks and don’t relent on promoting your blog content more than once on all your social networks. 

But don’t just limit your blog promotion strategies to social networks, also be active on forums. Forums have proven to drive steady traffic to blogs over time because if your blog solves a problem for one person, anyone having the same problem will also be able to see not only as a member of the forum but even on Google Search. 

For Instance, how many times have you searched for something and see an answer by a quora member rank on Google search results?  Multiple times, right? That is the power of a forum. 

And never forget good old RSS feeds like Flipboard and the likes. They are still potent platforms that can get your blog in front of millions of viewers. 

I have compiled a list of 25 special platforms you can use to drive unlimited traffic to your blog for free and you can access it in the description of this video. So check the description of this video to get access to all 25 Free platforms you can use for your blog promotion. 

They are well-researched and comprise of social networks, forums, web directories and many more. 

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